Why did my design change?
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Why did my design change?

Your design can look different from your original art on the proof for a few reasons, like size of the patch, size of text or the amount of small details. Translating designs into embroidered patches will require a few adjustments.



One of the most common reasons your design could change is sizing. If your art is too small or too detailed for the product you chose then adjustments would be made during the proofing stage to better accommodate the embroidery process.

An example would be if you are looking into getting an embroidered 2" x 2" patch with text. Since most text is done using a satin stitch your text can not be smaller than 3/16 inch. If it is smaller than 3/16 inch then the stitch would change to a run stitch, which can affect the readability of the text. The text would need to be enlarged or removed to ensure a good result.



Another example would be if your art has a lot of colors. We have a twelve color maximum on embroidered patches, so sometimes colors will need to be reduced.

Embroidered patches tend to get thick and do not look as good with too many colors. Try to keep your design simple and avoid details like thin lines or dots. We like to keep line thickness to be at least 1/16” thick to avoid run stitches.

We will match your thread or Pantone colors as closely as possible, but we can’t guarantee an exact match. We do have a standard thread chart that is available online or can be sent to you if requested.