Our Company

Established in 1986, HPI EMBLEM is a vertically integrated China-based emblem manufacturer with sales and customer service offices in Seattle and Southern California serving the U.S. decorated apparel, fashion, promotional products, recognition and uniform markets.

A Brief History


Launch of our new order processing site that builds a lot of new features that we've been dreaming about for years and cuts our error rate and operating cost significantly.


Opened an office in Tukwila, WA.


HPI Emblem is acquired by Black Smoke Ventures. With the merger a second factory was added to specialize in embroidery and chenille patches.


The company expands and opens a second office in Los Angeles and changes its name from Huntington Pier International to HPI Emblem.


A new website is launched to provide more transparency and effectively connect customers to the manufacturing process.


Bill starts a new factory in Suzhou, China to have better control over the manufacturing process and lower costs.


Huntington Pier International (now HPI Emblem) is founded in San Diego by Bill Liu,a chemist who invented a special heat seal that helped patches better adhere to industrial laundry. This innovative technique extended patch longevity in the washing process. This led Bill to launching his own patch business.

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