Did you know that HPI can help you make stickers?
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Did you know that HPI can help you make stickers?

Stickers are a fast and easy way to promote brands


What is the process?

Our sister company, Emerald City Decoration, can make stickers for almost any artwork. 

The process for stickers is fairly simple. Just send over your PO and art! Once the Emerald City Decoration team reviews the project they will send over a digital image with a cutline shape for approval.

Once the art looks good digitally, it will be sent to print on big sheets of sticker backing. During this time the art is exposed so the ECD team has to take special care to make sure no smudges or debris gets onto the sheet and gets trapped before lamination.


When a full sticker sheet is finished printing, it will be sent to the laminator. The type of finish you choose will be placed on top of the sticker sheet at this point to protect the art from wear and tear.


After that, the individual stickers will be cut out following the predetermined cutline, then punched out of the full sheet to be bagged. After the stickers are cut and packaged, ECD can blind ship directly to your customer. They can even split ship to multiple locations!


What is the difference between matte and gloss?


Matte finish has a soft or muted shine on the surface of the sticker, with little to no glare. Perfect for highly detailed artwork or for more of a vintage look.

Gloss finish has a bright shine on the surface of the sticker to catch the viewer's eye. Great for providing contrast to colors in artwork to make it pop or for a more modern feel.