Have trouble choosing between woven and embroidered patches?
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Have trouble choosing between woven and embroidered patches?

Learn the difference between two of our most common types of patches.


Patch design complexity, size, and even material will help determine if your artwork is better suited to being produced as a Woven or Embroidered patch. 

Transforming original artwork into a patch product can change the design depending on which type of patch is chosen. If the customer does not want any simplification done to the art, Woven would be the right choice.



Does the design include text?  The size of the text on the art will help determine which is the best option. Embroidered patches have to have text that's large enough to not be single stitches (dotted line look).

Generally, text 3/16 inch tall or larger will work great for Embroidered patches. Smaller than 3/16 can also work, but the text would need to be a simple bold font. If the font is specific and cannot be simplified or changed, choose a Woven patch.


  You should also consider what garment material the custom patch will be applied to. Woven patches are thin and more lightweight than embroidered patches. For example, you will see woven labels on the edge of the sleeve of a t-shirt or at the bottom on the left or right side.  On a thin garment , it is better to use Woven.

Polo shirts, for example, have a little more thickness to them, so Embroidered patches can potentially work.  Work/uniform style shirts also have more thickness to them and can take Embroidered patches easily  and lastly, t-shirt type garments that are thin.  A Woven patch is lighter than an Embroidered patch, so Woven would be recommended for that application.



So when deciding between a Woven patch and an Embroidered patch, consider:

1. Is the text smaller than 3/16 inch tall or smaller script text?

2. Complex design with fine details that cannot be simplified?

3. What garment material is it being applied to?

The end result for embroidery is a textured patch and for woven is a smooth patch.