Not all patches will fit all cap styles.
Please note these guidelines to ensure that your patch will fit properly.

TIP: To ensure that your patch will fit without issues, our proofs are sent to size.
Please print, cut out and affix the proof to your hat.

STEP 1: Find the Curvature Break Line (the point where the top of the hat begins to
curve). This is the maximum point for the top of the patch.

STEP 2: Find the Brim Line (the point where the brim meets the hat).
Minimum distance from brim for stitched on patches: 1/2”
Minimum distance from brim for heat seal patches: 0” (1/4” will be more aesthetically pleasing).

STEP 3: Subtract the Brim Line distance from the overall distance from the Brim Line to
the Curvature Break Line to find your maximum patch height.

What could possibly go wrong?


This patch goes above the
Curvature Break Line.

It causes problems with the patch
lining up with the stitch pattern.

And it also causes creases in the patch which makes the machine bind stitches.


This patch exceeds both
Curvature and Brim Lines.

The heat press cannot fully affix
the patch to the hat.

And within seconds of applying it,
the patch begins to peel away.