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Tackle twill is the preferred choice for athletic lettering and numbering and is found on the jerseys and apparel of your favorite professional, collegiate, or high school sports teams. At our factory in China, we weave and dye our own polyester tackle twill fabric, which can also be used as a vibrant background color for embroidered emblems.

Tackle twill makes for beautiful, dynamic iron on letters--perfect for athletic lettering. Iron on lettering made from tackle twill has greater longevity and stands out more than screen printed lettering. Our tackle twill iron on letters are pre-cut to your specs and pre-zigzag-stitched. The iron on lettering is also permanently heat sealable and features no-curl edges.

Excellent Gift Ideas With Lovely Iron on Letters

  • Don’t you just love iron on letters? You can have your initials heat sealed onto your sweater, sweatshirts, hoodies, blankets, jackets, hats, bags, and a lot more. These items will be more personalized if you have customized lettering on them. When you go to school, it is really cool for students to wear jackets with iron on lettering of their alma mater. It is a must have for a student to have this in the closet. But who cannot blame them? Even when you are already a professional, you still like receiving things like sweatshirts with tackle twill lettering, right? In fact it is really cute for couples to have jackets with their initials on the back.
  • These lovely iron on letters are a great way to personalize a gift. When you have limited budget and need to find the right gift, then the best way to impress the recipient is to give something with a personalized touch. If you are looking for a good present to give your mother, maybe you can give a handkerchief or a vest with tackle twill letters of her name applied to the item. How about a fancy necktie with iron on lettering of your dad’s name on it? You can also give that lovely little sister of yours a lovely bag featuring patches of her favorite cartoon character and her initials in iron on letters to make it more adorable. Do not forget to give your little brother a cap with tackle twill letters of his initials in front. Your brother will always want to wear it to his baseball games. These perfect gift ideas will surely be a big hit with your family and friends. You do not have to spend more and worry about going to the mall to find an ideal gift.

    The use of iron on lettering on jackets traces its roots back many years to when the TV sitcom Laverne & Shirley made its debut in the late 70s. Played by Penny Marshall, the character Laverne was fond of wearing sweaters with letter “L” on the side. It made a tremendous impact during that time because a lot of people began to wear their initials on their sweaters. Eventually, it became a fashion trend that is slowly making a comeback these days. However, among high school students, football jocks, and cheerleaders, having tackle twill athletic lettering on their jackets has been a timeless practice.