UniformCustom Embroidered Patches

We can make uniform patches for a variety of worker uniforms, including those for automotive, food service, military, healthcare, and emergency medical service industries. Sports teams, security guards, and private schools also have uniform patch needs.

Uniform patches are more affordable than direct embroidery and are a great way to achieve a clean, professional look for workers in all industries. If you're tired of paying too much for direct embroidery that gaps and puckers, try uniform custom embroidered patches this time.

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A Name Patch To Enhance Customer Service

  • Businesses are always on the lookout for ways wherein they can enhance their customer service. For restaurants and retails stores, what better way than to have your attendant wear a name patch? This will make it easier for your customers to call on them if their services are needed. Besides, it is always nice to be able to address someone by his or her first name. It is more polite and courteous. That is where the wearing of name patches becomes useful. Unknowingly, you are already enhancing your customer service.
  • Meanwhile, in some establishments where the wearing of a name patch is not appropriate, such as in hotels and fine dining restaurants, name bars are excellent options. They are sleeker, more polished and elegant too. Name bars are also very edgy and exude a certain kind of class especially those that are made of silver, metal, brass or bronze. Although there are those that are made from low quality materials, they are just as useful as the expensive ones for they both the same purpose.

    A name patch sewn or heat sealed onto a uniform becomes a part of the entire outfit. Other name patches that are designed creatively using excellent color combinations are sometimes mistaken as part of the outfit itself. Actually, not just clerks, attendants, or waiters are seen wearing them. Even chefs have a name patch sewn onto their own uniforms. It makes things easier for everybody. You can work comfortably knowing that you are able to address each other on a first name basis. Name patches are especially convenient for the customers because that way they know who to call when they need something. After all, people instinctively respond to those who call them by their first names.

    Name bars are not just helpful in your business operations. Those who work in the public service can also find some help in using these excellent alternatives to the wearing of an identification card. Accordingly, in a government office which is overly crowded, a customer will know right away which is the person she is looking for. Even in schools, teachers can make use of them for her to get easily familiar with her students.