SecurityCustom Embroidered Patches

Security patches complete an official, professional look for uniformed security guards. Security officer patches may include embroidered hat patches and shoulder patches bearing a security emblem. Guards may also wear security patches on the backs of their jackets.

Security guards may be contracted through security firms, or they may be in-house security officers. Either way, there are security guards everywhere--banks, amusement parks, malls, jewelry stores, gated communities, casinos, armored trucks--and they all need to be outfitted with security officer patches. There are general security emblems, but private security companies often have their own security emblem that indicates affiliation with the firm.

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Importance of Security Patches

  • Who uses security patches? Every firm has its own security force, be it internal or outsourced from security agencies. They call it private security guard service. Each security service agency has its own distinguishing logo that is displayed on its security officer patches. The security emblem patch is their sign of authority over the domain that they protect. This also serves as their identification mark to the establishment that they will be working on.
  • Through security patches one can have an authority over the others who do not possess it. You can easily verify the legality of the security agency by getting the name and checking it with the proper authorities regarding their existence.

    These security officer patches enable the user to go to restricted areas in the workplace and to use the name of the agency to report unscrupulous personnel to their superiors. You could also give credit to those personnel who do their duty efficiently.

    There are different levels of security patches. Security emblem patches vary in shapes and sizes; they can be sewn or be ironed onto uniforms. The patches are ideal instead of the direct to garment logos. The graphics or logo of the security officer patches should also be made to be clear, legible, and not too complicated so that said officers can be easily identified. Patches are also much cheaper than direct embroidery and can easily be removed when there are updates or changes to uniforms. Just by seeing the security patches you will remember the name of the agency. This will also serve as a weighing scale as to what kind of business they are providing security services to.

    Security officer patches are also a great collector’s item, since they are pretty prevalent and thereby not so hard to find. These security emblem patches could also be swapped with patches from other collectors or sold. The old or vintage ones that come from the security agencies that are now closed are hard to find and become targets of professional collectors and aficionados. So next time you see those security patches, stop for a while and ask yourself, do I have this kind in my collection?