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Custom Patches

Whether iron-on or sew-on, custom patches from HPI EMBLEM will always be available to complete every uniform or stylish wardrobe in your closet. Although most custom patches come along with the uniform bought straight from a department store or a personal couturier, individuals who are keener in making a personal statement will find the entire process of ordering a custom patches fun.

Why wouldn't it be? The initial step involves coming up with the design of sketches, colors, symbols that are full of artworks and stuff. The customer shall select their choice of styles, sizes, shapes and colors - including the type of backing of their custom patches. The most common type of which is heat transfer backings, as it will take the heat of the iron to adhere the patches to any clothing. In cases wherein patches may need to be replaced from time to time, Velcro backings will do the trick. Another type is the double-sided tape backings which offer the same flexibility to that of the Velcro ones. Also, new organizations making an identity will initially conceptualize a logo to represent their team, which will later on materialize into ordering custom patches for their shirts.

Please contact HPI EMBLEM if you would like to order your custom patches today!